Food Service

Many students eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at the two-storey cafeteria, which serves Chinese and Western food as well as evening snacks. The cafeteria is also a popular place to study. Those with a craving for snacks can stop by the Q Store, an on-campus convenience store open late. For those wanting a pick me up during the day, La Barista café offers a variety of drinks and snacks both sweet and savory. 

Weekly Cafeteria Menu
2018.4.23--2017.4.27 Menu
2018.4.9--2017.4.13 Menu
2018.3.19--2017.3.23 Menu
2018.3.5--2017.3.9 Menu
2018.2.26--2017.3.2 Menu
2018.2.5--2017.2.9 Menu
2018.1.29--2017.2.2 Menu
2018.1.22--2017.1.26 Menu
2018.1.8--2017.1.12 Menu