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Welcome Back to School

Sunday, August 20 heralded the return of students to NCPA’s verdant campus. Despite the muggy summer heat, the influx of 150 enthusiastic new students proceeded smoothly as teachers, staff and volunteer students alike greeted the new NCPAers. New and returning students alike spent time moving luggage into the dormitories. For new students, the transition to boarding life represents the challenges and opportunities of increased independence.

Middle school principal Hanson Yeung presided over a freshman preparatory meeting with the help of volunteers from among returning students and discussed the mission of the NCPA with the new parents before classes started the next day. NCPA is committed to cultivating students as "Negotiators", "Collaborators", "Planners", and "Achievers", and these words form the pillars of our learner profile.

In the afternoon, school director Dr. Michael Cyrus welcomed the new students to the NCPA family. High school principal Aracelis Maldonado spoke about NCPA’s expectations for achievement and behavior and encouraged parents to establish close links with schools to stay informed about their children's growth.

The first day back to school is one of anticipation for everyone in the school community. In the 2017-18 school year, there is much to look forward to. NCPA is bigger than ever, offers more AP courses than ever, and fields more sports teams than ever. And so, this year’s group of NCPAers may expect to have a more rewarding and enriching experience than ever before.