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Enrichment Opportunities

We believe that our students must have the chance to develop their interest in a variety of fields both in and outside of the classroom, and that learning in the classroom must be connected to real-world experiences in order to develop a love of learning. That's why NCPA offers a variety of opportunities both during the academic year for students to apply their learning to projects outside of school and encourages students to pursue summer programs offered by a variety of universities in the United States.

During the year, major opportunities for applied learning include Model United Nations, an elective course that includes the possibility of attending several classes around the region and the world, as well as Week Without Walls, a school-wide, week-long experience that blends project-based and service learning to give students a chance to effect real change in the Nansha community.

During the summer, students are encouraged to attend the well-regarded Bay Area Writer's Project (BAWP) or to consider a host of other programs across the United States to immerse themselves not only in English but in American culture.