High School Fine Arts

Moon shun150Moon-Suhn Kim (South Korea) – Middle/High School Art

Moon-Suhn Kim has been teaching students from K- grade 12. Before coming to NCPA, she taught at M. Marcus Kiley Middle School in Springfield, Massachusetts, where she worked with students with learning difficulties. She has also been an English teacher in South Korea and a bilingual interpreter at elementary school in Amherst, Massachusetts. During her teaching career, she has facilitated many after school clubs, such as mural, arts & crafts, Korean, and model United Nations. She also holds an EAL Certificate of ISS World Language Initiative.

Bachelor's of Fine Arts (Art Education), the University of Massachusetts – Amherst

109423 compressedAlanna Mounsey (Canada) - Art Foundation 9

Before coming to China Alanna Mounsey taught in Egypt at the British Columbia Canadian International School (BCCIS). She taught social studies, and the grade 8 to 12 art program. Before going abroad, Alanna taught in Kamloops, B.C. Canada, mentoring young readers through a one to one reading improvement program at Stewart Wood Elementary, and teaching art workshops on the weekend at Brocklehurst Middle School. Alanna prefers to create artworks with paint and graphite; she also has an extended portfolio in photography. Previously she has had artworks displayed at Thompson Rivers University and at the Kamloops Art Gallery.



Bachelor of Education (early childhood education, and high school education), Thompson Rivers University
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Thomson Rivers University

Art Chalynne Cowan5068Chalynne Cowan (Canada)- Art Foundation 9

Chalynne Cowan has been teaching Art for the past four years and she has taught students from K-Grade 12. Most recently she had been teaching Art, English and Planning in Lanzhou at the Lanzhou Oriental Canada Secondary School, and before that she taught Art at BC Collegiate School in Seoul, South Korea. During her career she has facilitated many different art clubs, reading clubs, and community service activities.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Thompson Rivers University
Bachelors of Art Education, the University of Victoria

Jon Poblador (USA) - Art Foundation 9

Jon Poblador has been teaching art for over seven years and has taught students from kindergarten to university level. Before going into teaching, he worked for the Department of Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania and The U.S. Fund for UNICEF. He is also a professional artist. Before coming to NCPA he was on the faculty of Trevor Browne High School in Phoenix, Arizona.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Northern Illinois University
Master of Fine Arts, the University of Pennsylvania