109248 compressedNina Gross (USA) - Integrated Science

Nina Gross has been teaching science for the past three years in Vancouver, Washington. She has taught Earth Science, Biology, Integrated Science, and Environmental Science. Nina has been involved in extracurricular activities including MESA (math, engineering, science, and achievement) which involved women and minorities in the STEM fields, and also led chess club. This year, she is coaching middle school soccer.

Her husband, Collin Peterson-vanKanegan, is a teacher in the English department at NCPA.



Master of Arts in Teaching (Integrated Science), Lewis & Clark College
Bachelor of Arts (Anthropology), the University of Vermont

109249 compressedSandra Lanphear (USA) - Chemistry

Sandra Lanphear is looking forward to using her veteran teaching skills in the great country of China. Her 20 years of teaching has been split between High School and Middle School where she has taught Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Environmental Science and Horticulture. Her “English as a Second Language” skills have been built over the last five years with classes and practice. She has tutored several subjects and use a variety of approaches to insure understating. At NCPA, she teaches Chemistry and supervises Golf.



M.S. (Technology in Education), Lesley University
B.S. (Secondary Education – Chemistry), Concordia University

David Awtrey (USA) – Chemistry/AP Chemistry

David Awtrey has been teaching science for 23 years. He has taught every subject including IB Chemistry, IB Biology, and AP Environmental Science. He has taught internationally in Moscow and Sao Paolo. David Awtrey is Certified by the National Board of Professional Teaching Studies. David’s wife, Peggy Smith, is NCPA’s Curriculum Coordinator.


Bachelor of Science (Geology), the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee
Master of Education (Secondary Science), University of Wisconsin at La Crosse

sy1617JasonJason Graser (USA) - Integrated Science/AP Physics

Jason Graser has been teaching science for the past five years in West Virginia prior to coming to NCPA. He has taught AP Biology, AP Physics, Earth Science and Physical Science at North Marion High School. He has been a coach for Football (American) and Baseball, as well as leader of the Spirit Section for high school sports.

Bachelor of Science (Biology), West Virginia University

Master’ of Education (Science), West Virginia University

Maria Domingues (Portugal) – Biology/AP Biology

Maria Domingues has over 15 years of full-time experience as a teacher at higher education and secondary schools. In higher education she taught subjects related to ecology, environmental education, statistics and science. She started her career as an international science teacher in 2010 and since then she has been working with students from diverse, multicultural backgrounds. Before coming to NCPA, Maria was a teacher of science (Secondary 1), combined science (Secondary 2/IGCSE) and biology (A Level) at the International School of Palmela in Portugal. She was awarded with a Ford Motor Company Environmental and Conservation Grant, she took the first prize in the category of Natural Environment (Portugal) for the “Alytes Project – study and conservation of an endangered urban population of midwife toads”. Dr. Domingues holds a ECIS International Teacher Certificate from the European Council of International Schools and University of Cambridge International Examinations.

Bachelor of Science, the University of Coimbra
Master of Science, the University of Coimbra/Central Michigan University
Doctor of Philosophy, the University of Coimbra/Central Michigan University

sy1617AaronAaron Foster (USA) – Biology/AP Enviromental Science

Aaron Foster has been teaching science for the past four years, all of which has been overseas. For the past three years he was in Taichung, Taiwan where he taught AP Environmental Science and Biology at Ivy Collegiate Academy. Aaron was also involved in extracurricular activities, coaching Track & Field as well as Triathlon.

His wife is the 9th grade EAL specialist and English teacher, Katie Foster.


Bachelor of Science (Biology Education), Culver-Stockton College
Candidate, Master of education (Science Education), the University of Nebraska at Kearney

109252 compressedGregory Elsen (USA) - Ancient Civilizations

Greg Elsen taught Social Studies and English as a Second Language in the United States for six years before coming to China in 2017 with his wife, Katrina. He taught geography and American history for two years in middle school and American history and Government for four years at the high school level. Prior to coming to China, he completed his Certificate in International Education from Bethel University. During his time in university, he also studied and taught internationally at Discovery School in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

His wife, Katrina Elsen is currently teaching Drama in NCPA.



Bachelor of Arts (History), University of Wisconsin-Madison

109251 compressedDavid Stanciu (USA) - Global Issues

David Stanciu began his teaching career in the jungles of Ecuador where he taught general English in a small village nestled at the feet of the Andes Mountains. He went on to teach at the University of Idaho, a Canadian international high school in China, and now at NCPA. In his 5 years of teaching, David has taught English for Academic Purposes, Academic Writing, EFL/ESL/EAL, North American History/Government, Modern Problems, and Global Issues. Outside of the classroom, David is a strong proponent of student mentoring and engagement via academic clubs and competitive sports.

David Stanciu’s wife, Ann Beebe, is an EAL Specialist at NCPA.



Master of Arts (TESL), University of Idaho
Bachelor of Arts (Political Science & History), Boise State University

luke harrisLuke Harris (USA) - AP Economics/Global Issues

Luke Harris is in his 9th year of teaching. He has taught in Texas, Hawai'i, Xi'an, and Malaysia. He has taught social studies, mathematics, and English courses to students ranging from grade 6 to grade 12. He has experience teaching AP Economics, AP World History, and AP English Composition. He recently earned his secondary principal licensure from the State of South Dakota.



Master of Educational Administration, South Dakota State University
Bachelor of Science (Political Science), Ball State University

Adam Amster (USA) – Grobal Issue/AP Human Geography/Model United Nations

Adam Amster has four years’ experience teaching Social Studies at the middle school level. He is looking forward to moving up to high school. All of his teaching experience has been in Massachusetts public schools. He competed in wrestling and tennis at the collegiate level and has also coached each sport. He has begun a doctoral program in curriculum teaching, learning and leadership at Northeastern University.He has begun a doctoral program in curriculum teaching, learning and leadership at Northeastern University.

Bachelor of Arts (History),  Wagner College
Master of Education (Secondary and Urban Education), the University of Massachusetts – Amherst

sy1617NathanielNathaniel Cooper (USA) - AP Economics

Nathaniel Cooper has been teaching Social Studies for the past five years at the high school and collegiate level. In Arizona and Wyoming, he taught Comparative Government, American Government, Economics, and Political Science courses. He was a coach for multiple sports including Track and Field, Cross Country and Wrestling.

Bachelor of Education (Political Science), the University of Wyoming
Master of Science (Political Science), the University of Wyoming

sy1617TimTimothy Holtgrefe (USA) - Psychology/Ancient Civilizations

Timothy Holtgrefe has been teaching Social Studies for the past two years in Jiangsu Province, and has taught ESL for four years prior to coming to China. He has taught History, Geography, and Civics at the Canadian International School in Kunshan. Timothy has also taught English as a college teacher at Woosong University in Korea.

Master of Education, Chapman University
Master of Social Sciences, Chapman University

109427 compressedAnn Beebe (USA) - Science Language Specialization

Ann Beebe has just begun her fifth year of teaching. She started her teaching career at the British School of Language in Guayaquil, Ecuador where she taught EFL to students of varying ages and proficiency levels. Her courses ranged from Beginner English to Advanced Exam Preparation. After spending a year in Ecuador, Ann returned to the United States where she piloted a program for ESL specific sections of Freshman Composition at the University of Idaho. Ann spent two years at the University of Idaho before moving to Qingdao, China where she taught middle school ESL at a Canadian international school before coming to NCPA. Ann is originally from Boise, Idaho. She loves teaching language, reading, travelling, and spoiling her Boston Terrier, Stanford.
Ann Beebe’s spouse, David Stanciu, teaches in NCPA’s social studies department.


Master of Arts (TESL), University of Idaho
Bachelor of Arts (Spanish), Boise State University

109429 compressedJane Thomas (Britain) - Math/Technical Language Specialization

Jane Thomas is an EAL specialist.  Jane started her educational career in language schools in Europe –working in both Portugal and Greece where she spent three years. She then spent ten years as one of a team of ESL coordinators managing and teaching academic English in a large college in Bristol in the UK. Prior to joining NCPA, Jane taught ESL and Vocational English in another large college, taught short university courses in Academic and Maritime English at MARJOM university and most recently spent five years as a mainstream middle and high school English teacher in a bilingual school in Brunei. Last year, Jane completed her MA TESOL during which she researched strategies for teaching inference in ESL reading classes and set up an extensive reading project linked to making improvements in ESL writing. Jane enjoys yoga, hiking, reading, and travel.



M.A. (TESOL), Sheffield Hallam University
B.A. (with Honors, Planning Studies), Oxford Brookes University

sy1617KatherineKatherine Foster (USA) - Language Arts/Music Specialization

Katherine Foster has been teaching English and English as an Additional Language for the past four years. She began her overseas teaching career at Ivy Collegiate Academy in Taichung, Taiwan where she taught 8th through 10th grade English Language Arts and Literature classes. She also spent a year co-teaching with the Chemistry and History teacher providing EAL assistance. She is a licensed English teacher as well as a licensed English as a Second Language teacher. She is the EAL Specialist for English grades 7-9, Music grades 7-8, and Band grade 9.
Her husband is the Science Department Chair, Aaron Foster.

Bachelor of Science (English, ESL), University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point

Lionel Meng (USA) – Math/Technical Language Specialization

Lionel Meng was an assistant language teacher at the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program in Yawatahama City, Ehime Prefecture, Shikoku, Japan. In this capacity he collaborated with colleagues to design, implement and lead a yearlong English immersion syllabus for elementary school students. Lionel Meng's overseas experience began as a primary school student in Singapore.

Bachelor's of Arts (Economics), Northwestern University
Master of Arts (TESOL), the School for International Training (SIT) Graduate Institute

Mats Haaland (USA) – Social Studies/Art Language Specialization

Mats Haaland taught English and History at the Liceo Scientifico Ettore Majorana in Rho, Italy. He has also acted as a teaching assistant in the Italian Department at his alma mater, Susquehanna University. He has also been a tennis instructor at a camp in Maine.

Bachelor of Arts (History and Italian), Susquehanna University
Master of Arts (TESOL), the School for International Training (SIT) Graduate Institute

sy1617BethBeth Whitfield (USA) - Language Arts/Music Specialization

Before coming to NCPA, Beth Whitfield taught in the Intensive English Program at the University of Idaho. There, she implemented rigorous coursework to prepare international students for the linguistic demands of both undergraduate and graduate study. She also has experience in EAL and English content-area classrooms ranging from grades 1-12. Her fascination for both language and culture drive her to continue growing professionally in the field. She has published on teaching methodologies and continues to attend conferences to stay current on Second Language Acquisition theory.

Bachelor of Education (English Language Arts), University of Idaho
Master of Arts (Teaching English as a Second Language), University of Idaho

Hesper WangHesper Wang (China) - Social Studies/Art Language Specialization

Hesper Wang had been working in Hong Kong and the States prior coming to NCPA. She has developed and implemented the Chinese Academic Program for American language learners of various background at Concordia Language Villages in Minnesota. She has also assisted in an university-led research project which aims to facilitate English-learning experiences in middle school classrooms for ethnic minority ELLs in Hong Kong. Since 2014, Hesper Wang has been working as a high school Chinese teacher at NCPA.

Bachelor of Arts (TESL), Hong Kong Baptist University
Master of Education degree, the University of Hong Kong

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