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Supporting and enhancing student learning through a coherent and articulated curriculum, developmentally appropriate and research-based instruction, and on-going professional development is at the heart of all good schools.  NCPA is unique in that 'the heart of our good school' supports a unique immersion setting for Chinese National students preparing for Western universities.

The elements of curriculum, instruction, and assessment serve to connect our students' learning to a broader global context and enrich the learning experience through emphasis on facets of learning that support our students through and past the university years.  At NCPA, curriculum, instruction, and assessment are developed to ensure clarity and focus for four standards for success that support students in a lifelong learning journey:

  • examine text to infer, interpret and draw conclusions
  • support arguments with evidence
  • resolve conflicting views from source documents
  • solve complex problems with no obvious answers

Students' ability to apply these standards independently in a variety of situations helps support their success in school and beyond.

NCPA follows a curriculum based on researched best practices and US standards.  At NCPA, we develop 21st century habits to negotiate and manage unfamiliar situations and to plan and implement strategies so we can effectively improve understanding and achievement. We offer many rigorous and engaging opportunities to our students - for example, a broad array of Advanced Placement courses, a strong fine arts program, and a focus on service-learning.